Grafiona-cards have been on sale since the year 2001 and currently there are 29 different art card models. The collection grows yearly taking into account the wishes of customers and dealers.

I prepare the models with graphic press methods using monotypia technics and from the unique proofs I press the card series. The card is 15cm x 10,5cm when folded, the paper used is white 220g card carton with a Finnish, grey ambassador-envelope. The inside of the card is blank, so you can write your own message inside. Name of the card is printed only in Finnish on back cover

Card series currently released:

1. Jazz-serie (4 topics)





2. Winter -01 (3 topics)




3. Winterflowers (2 topics)



4. Peacock butterfly (2 topics)



5. At sea (3 topics)




6. Summer -02 (6 topics)







7. Winter -02 (6 topics)







8. Summer -03 (3 topics)




The cards are currently available at gift shops in Kuopio and in the middle Finland from Varkaus to Iisalmi. If you can't find the cards in your home town, you can ask the staff of a gift shop to contact me and order the products for sale into their store.

You can also order the products directly from Grafiona through e-mail.

And don't be afraid to ask if you have your own idea of a card. The best time to produce graphics is during summer with plants and leaves. At the same time you have an opportunity to receive a unique leaf of graphic to be framed of the same subject.

Contact me and ask for an offer!

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