Grafiona is a one-woman company operating in Ylivieska, Finland and it was based in 1996. Line of business consists of graphic design, printing graphic with monotypia-technics and designing, making and marketing of Grafiona-art cards.

Aino Jaakola is one of the few artists and artesans using monotypia-technics in her area. Monotypia differs from other graphic methods because it is possible to make only one unique print of each printing plate. Randomness is common to this technique, hence the older images printed with a plate somehow surface from the colour layers. When you want to create something designed in advance, you have to be both skilful and patient.

Also as an artist Aino Jaakola wants to point out how a so called art card offers an excellent option for example in the overcrowded Christmas card business. This way the card can also be a statement for art, imagination and locality. Exhibitions are bringing this not so well known form of art to the public eyes.

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