Future events


Next exhibition in Sininen Silta, Kuopio, in August 2009.

GRAFIONA on display

In Kuopio at:

  • Sininen Silta
  • Hallin Käsityökammari
  • TaitoShop
       and in Siilinjärvi:
  • Jenni Linnove ceramics workshop in Pöljä

In YLIVIESKA THE WORKSHOP is open when required throughout the year.

      Jaakolantie 21 A
      84100 Ylivieska
      Phone: +358 50 5223934

Card offers and second - quality with low prices straight from the workshop


For a celebration of your own or your loved ones, order an invitation card or a thank you-card with your own text (max. 2 lines). The text is positioned on the front page in the upper or lower edge. Choose the model you like from the Grafiona- collection and contact me, and I will tell you more. Minimum order of 50 cards per topic.

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